Monday, November 28, 2011

What it means to me to be an OPW intern?

It was on a Wednesday morning. I had just woke up wondering what the day will bring for me. I was just browsing internet in my computer haven't checked my emails. I received a text message via Empathy ( One of the Gnome's programs) that I was accepted as one of the interns starting for 2011 Dec. I was so excited! I could not contain the joy I had. Started jumping and Dancing. I was excited that I was getting this opportunity, let alone that I was now a second woman ever in history in South Africa to be accepted for this internship. That part only was making me more joyous. I am happy to know that with my contribution now the software will be available in IsiXhosa and appreciate the opportunity they give me to learn. I also thankful that they have granted me an opportunity to write on my Curriculum Vitae that I have an experience in translating software.

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