Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The love of work overcomes all problems

I do not want to lie I had some few problems with my computer since the Gnome internship. For instance the other day I was working and I experienced power failure. When I had to open my computer it showed that I must repair system files.I panicked a bit but I thought to myself I am not the first person to experience this problem. I Googled the answer in my BlackBerry mobile device.

I found the answer that I should type:

“blkid followed by this command: fsck -y /dev/sda2 and then type exit”.

It worked and I got back to my work.

The conclusion is, no matter what problem I can face the love of my work in Localization (Gnome Software translation) has gave me an inspiration that there is no problem that cannot be fixed. I am still continuing with my work, thirsty to learn more and excited to see more results.

Again I say the love of work overcomes all problems!

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