Thursday, October 6, 2011


I was introduced to Linux the first day I started working at as an IsiXhosa Language Practitioner. I found it user friendly. I learnt about Ubuntu but later on Fedora was installed in my computer. With Linux it easier to download programmes and to get an access to internet. I did not have internet access but since I used Linux it was easy to connect on the internet using my phone Samsung (Star) that is Mobile broadband.

I was also introduced by Friedel Wolff to Gnome. I got interested in translating some of the programmes to IsiXhosa. I started with Eye of Gmone using Virtaal to translate. I got lot of suggestions because there are people who have worked on Xhosa translations before although they are no longer active.

I find it exciting to use my computer and programmes because now I can get them in my language (Xhosa) and I can also make changes through my translations. I would love to see many Xhosa's using their computers in isiXhosa.


  1. Lucky you, how is fedora??? do you have Gnome installed in your machine?

  2. That is very nice you will come to love and understand the world of localization. I am glad you are doing something to localise your language. Another thing that you can do to be familiar with localisation you can mabe try to google if there is a xhosa wikipeadia and work on that. by working on your localised wikipeadia you learn a lot about the we publishing world and how language is important in web sites and things like that. Have you found anyone who is working on something similar like that in mailing lists or maybe friedel introduced you to someone who is currectly working on Xhosa software developement. if not find out as much as you can by google what other Xhosa localizers are doing. I know that you are new in this world like I was a year ago but I encourage you to look for people you can work with because i am sure you are not the only one who is doing localization in Xhosa. I remember you told me you wanted to go into freelancing, now that you are at home, you will have time to go to diffrent sites and look for mentors and translation agencies. Linked in is also a great way to see what other translators/localizers are doing. I wish you all the luck my sister.

  3. Yes Sipho I have everything installed. Thank you sister :) My first mentor is Friedel and I am also recruiting you to be the second I will do that thank you for the advice.