Thursday, October 6, 2011

The love of my language Xhosa

My dream is to create and uphold a multilingual environment in which every citizen can live a functional life in his/her language. I will start with my language isiXhosa because charity begins at home. My vision is to help keep my language alive and progressing so that it can be carried on to the next generation. I believe language is not only for communicating with each other but it also carries a rich culture in it. If you do not know your language it is very rear to know your culture. The new South African constitutional rule specifies that there are eleven official languages in South Africa, it encouraged me to stand in the gap for my language and see it my mandate to carry it through. The kinds of resources that I want to see them available in IsiXhosa are software, books and research papers. With my previous experienced gained I will make use of technical aspect to share my knowledge. I have started working towards that by being a volunteer to translate Gnome’s software. I am so passionate about my language that when ever I open my computer I want to see it , and read it. Although in the picture above not everything is translated to my language (Xhosa), that brings a challenge to me to make it my duty to translate it. Having been introduced to Linux and Gnome by Friedel I have seen my dream becoming reality. I also realised that it is my responsibility to help localise software and make it available in my language. Change begins with you!

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